Weekly Prayer Gathering


“A successful church,” we like to say, “is a praying church.” Our mid-week service is a time for the church to come together in prayer to seek the power and presence of God. As a "Tent of Meeting," we expect to hear God in the whisper just as we see Him in the wonder (Exod. 29:42). Through intercessory prayer and corporate worship, we seek deliverance from besetting sins (by the laying on of hands), personal healing (with the anointing of oil), and God's presence (through worship, meditation, and Scripture readings).


Contact: Worship Pastor Verlin Balsiger

Parents' Night Out

Families with Special-Needs Children


On the second Friday of each month, PNO hosts a fun-filled night of games and activities for special-needs kids. During this time, parents are encouraged to enjoy a few hours away to relax, unwind, and "recharge their batteries" for the weekend ahead. A little rest and relaxation goes a long way in keeping a family healthy and strong. And showing love and care to “the least of these” (Matt. 24:40, 45) demonstrates the heart of Christ.


Contact: Deacon Patrick McKivergan


Adult Sunday School


Are you looking for a way to connect with others, build relationships, and grow deeper in your relationship with God through His Word? BCC’s adult Sunday school class offers the foundational building blocks to do just that. On Sunday mornings, prior to the worship service, adults can come together to unpack Scripture in a classroom setting. From DVD lessons to standard Bible studies, BLUE-PRINTS is an engaging group-discipleship program that emphasizes Christian principles and curriculum.


Contact: Elder Bancroft McKitrrick

Jesus & Me (J.A.M.)

Children's Ministry


By offering childcare on Sunday mornings (for 10 year-olds and younger), we offer a way for parents to fully participate in the spiritual growth of their children. Our loving volunteers and dedicated staff believe children are never too young to begin learning about God. A special curriculum designed for our youngest members is used to develop the next generation of saints.


Contact: Deaconess Wynie Vorsteveld

Women Of The Word (W.O.W.)

Women's Group


The mission of W.O.W. is to spur women on to greater godliness by weaving together personal fellowship with a passionate pursuit of Jesus. Moreover, we aim to build an environment where women can mentor other women and experience God's love in a very real way (cf. Tit. 2:3-4). As a woman’s group, we stand on the principles of fellowship, friendship, and feeding. Our studies are designed to equip women to grow in their faith and in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


Contact: Robin Gann

Board Of Trustees

Facilities Maintenance Ministry


We believe that God is glorified through the skilled labor of those who freely give of themselves in the maintenance and upkeep of the church building. Although a church is much more than the sum total of its walls, the Board of Trustees ensure that God's house is always in optimum condition so that “the whole structure … grows into a holy temple in the Lord" (Eph. 2:21-22).


Contact: Deacon Lenny Santosuosso

Men Of The Bible (M.O.B.)

Men's Group


Being a Christian in a hostile world is no easy thing. But being a man of God who is both grounded in Scripture and the spiritual leader of his home is seemingly impossible. Can a men's group help men better understand Scripture? Can it challenge them to grow deeper in intellect, emotion, and spirit? M.O.B. is a group of men at BCC who come together in active pursuit of God and other men for the purpose of growing and training in Christ.


Contact: TBD

G.E.M. Night

Greet, Eat, and Meet Dinner


What better way to get to know a stranger than over dinner! Twice a year, a select group of members at BCC will open their homes and host a dinner for various members/attendees of the church. This special evening serves as a fun-filled opportunity for members/attendees at BCC to fellowship with one another and to get to know each other on a more personal level.


Contact: Robin Gann

Bridging The Divide

Radio Ministy


Our weekly radio broadcast, Bridging the Divide, is an extension of our local outreach ministry. By putting the gospel on the airwaves, our goal is to promote Christ by promoting our church as a God-Centered, Scripture-Focused, and Believer-Oriented church. Every week, our pre-recorded broadcasts offer a high view of Scripture and a clear challenge to our listeners to grow in spiritual maturity.


Contact: Pastor Ron Gann

Close Encounters

Small Groups Ministry


Throughout church history, small groups have played a crucial role in the health and vitality of a congregation (Acts 2:46-47 cf. Eph. 4:12). Not only do they maintain intimacy in a growing and well-knitted community, but they also help to expand a church's local outreach. Complementing BCC’s corporate setting, Close Encounters aspires to edify BCC members/attendees in a private setting that fosters small-group participation and interaction.


Contact: Deacon Brian Knox

Finance Committee

Stewardship Ministry


To thrive as an effective religious institution, trusted stewardship and responsible financing are imperative. The BCC Finance Committee oversees the fiscal affairs of the church, to include managing, reporting, and balancing the church’s fiscal-year budget. To that end, it endeavors to maintain a high-level of trust and transparency while working responsibly to achieve fiscal solvency.


Contact: Elder Martin Paton

The Gallery

Visual Arts Ministry


The Visual Arts Ministry at BCC—The Gallery—offers a creative avenue for gifted and aspiring artists to glorify God, uplift the congregation, and beautify our sacred sanctuary. Participation in the creative arts encourages artistic expression for the purpose of evangelism as well as the enjoyment, edification, and education of the artist and art-lover alike.


Contact: Jennifer Balsiger