Who We Are  |  BridgeWay Christian Church (BCC) is a modestly-sized evangelical church located in Derry, New Hampshire. We are committed to expository preaching, evangelizing the lost, equipping the saints, and exalting God in spirit and truth.

What We're About  |  If you desire a small church that is Scripture-Focused, God-Centered, and Believer-Oriented, we are the church for you. Come worship with us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM. (Sunday school is available for children 10 years-of-age and younger).

Media | MP3s

What are the gifts of the Spirit? How does the Bible define gender roles? Is salvation easy or hard? These are just a few of the studies available (and more) in our library of topical and espositional sermons.

Discipleship | Fellowship

Our various ministries center on relationships and discipleship. From Sunday school classes to adult fellowship groups, our goal is to infuse into believers the heart of Christ and the mind of God.

Bridging The Divide

Why is a radio ministry important? By putting the Gospel on the airwaves, we reach an expanded listening audience with Scripture-Focused, God-Centered, and Believer-Oriented teaching.

Reviews | Reading

Just as a well-balanced diet is essential for physical health, so a balanced reading diet is essential for Christian maturity. We recommend (and review) books we consider to be instrumental for Christian living.

Articles | Answers

From Q & A's, theological papers, and doctrinal dissertations to articles on apologetics, life application, and ministry, our position papers offer a diverse selection of material from which to choose.

Position Papers
Promos | Previews

To complement each expository sermon, we offer a brief video preview featuring commentary by Pastor Gann. Each video contains antecedents that prepare the listener for the message to come.

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