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  We are committed to helping Christians grow deeper in their relationship with Christ by growing deeper in His Word and with each other. Through corporate study and fellowship, along with group prayer and 1x1 discipleship, our various ministries aim to equip the saints for evangelism, outreach, and international missions. Our ministries not only define who we are as a church but also what we do as the Body of Christ.

To learn more about each ministry we offer, review the ministry-icons (listed to the right). Included in each synopsis is a brief definition of the ministry along with the contact information for the ministry or group leader.

  Missionaries To Papua New Guinea: Tony & Martha Hinton
Wycliffe Bible Translators

As a mechanic, Tony is involved in maintaining the equipment that enables Wycliffe translators to travel safely by land, sea, and river. He also oversees the mechanical training of Papua New Guinean apprentices, helping to prepare them for a significant role in their country's development.

Martha's main contribution is looking after their family. Her other significant role is as a speech and language pathologist, serving missionary children with special needs and enabling their parents to remain on the field. (Click here to support/learn more).