What a church teaches has eternal consequences. Seven Reformed principles—together with our critical beliefs, core principles, and a central purpose—comprise our theology of ministry. What does it mean to be Reformed?

1. It means to be Protestant, whereby the Five Solas of the Protestant Reformation are affirmed.

2. It means to be biblical, whereby a high view of the sovereignty of God is affirmed.

3. It means to be Calvinistic, whereby God is seen as the author of salvation from beginning to end.

4. It means to be creedal, whereby the great creeds of the historic, orthodox Church are affirmed.

5. It means to be confessional, whereby the confessions of the evangelical Church are affirmed.

6. It means to be evangelistic, whereby the Great Commission of the Church is preached and practiced.

7. It means to be evangelical, whereby a distinctly Christian worldview permeates all of life.

For additional reading, we recommend our church bylaws (PDF) and Pastor Ron's application for ordination (PDF).



1. We believe the BIBLE is the Word of God.
2. We believe GOD is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
3. We believe that SALVATION is by faith alone.
4. We believe in the RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ.
5. We believe in the RETURN of Jesus Christ.
6. We believe in an eternal HEAVEN and HELL.

1. SCRIPTURE-FOCUSED: Our standard bearer for matters related to morality and spirituality is the Bible.
2. GOD-CENTERED: Our primary focus for gathering on Sunday morning is to exalt and adore God.
3. BELIEVER-ORIENTED: Our intended target audience on Sunday morning are believers in Christ.

1. To EXALT the Lord Jesus Christ
2. To EXPOSIT the Holy Scriptures
3. To EXAMINE the Sacraments
4. To EDIFY the Saints of God
5. To EXCEL the Christian Worldview
6. To EVANGELIZE the Unsaved in our Community.