Being a Christian in a hostile world is no easy thing. But being a man of God who is both grounded in Scripture and the spiritual leader of his home is seemingly impossible. Can a men's group help men better understand Scripture? Can it challenge them to grow deeper in intellect, emotion, and spirit?
Men Of The Bible (M.O.B.) is a group of men at BCC who come together in active pursuit of God and other men for the purpose of growing and training in Christ.


Is the mere possession of faith all that we need to please God? With faith, comes certain responsibilities. Do you have a plan? That is, what steps are you taking to direct your life in a way that is honorable to Jesus Christ? In this 6-week series, Dr. R.C. Sproul teaches us by way of his video series Pleasing God the importance of personal holiness and sanctification as we seek to please God. 


If you're hungry for fellowship, good food, and speakers who talk about things relevant to men, don't miss our Saturday breakfasts held once a quarter in the church recreational center downstairs. The menu includes many breakfast staples that men love—pancakes, bacon, and coffee! This is a great way for men to connect and meet new friends in an informal environment.