Are you looking for a way to connect with others, build relationships, and grow deeper in your relationship with God through His Word? BCC’s adult Sunday school class offers the foundational building blocks to do just that.

On Sunday mornings, prior to the worship service, adults can come together to unpack Scripture in a classroom setting. From DVD lessons to standard Bible studies, Blue-Prints is an engaging group-discipleship program that emphasizes Christian principles and curriculum.

Sunday mornings 9am 

Winter/Spring 2022:

"Revelation of Jesus Christ"
Elder Doug Domeny

Join us as Elder Doug Domeny begins a new interactive series on the book of Revelation. It promises to be apocalyptic, for sure! 


"What Happens When You Die?"
Paul Mangum

When our loved ones die, we mourn. And we may ask: What has happened to them? Are they suffering? Are they watching over us? Can we help them? Will we ever see them again? Moreover, what happens to the believer in Jesus Christ when he/she passes on into eternity. Join is this winter for this 4-6 week class as Paul Mangum takes us through Scripture to answer these age-old questions.