The Care Team offers supportive services to those in need and provides an opportunity for people to live their faith by serving others. Through friendship and practical support, our Care Team Ministry Volunteers function as extended family members. Many of our volunteers develop lasting friendships with those they serve, and those friendships strengthen the Body of Christ. Volunteers also discover that, in giving of their time and abilities, their own faith grows. 


Our mission is to keep those suffering from illness, facing surgery, aging, grieving, hospitalized, or in crisis recovery encircled within our congregational love and care. Among other things, we do the following:

  • Reach-Outs: By way of phone, text, social media, or e-mail, the members of the Care Team check in with our church body simply to say "I'm thinking of you, praying for you ... I care ... and I'm here for you!" Often times our Care Team will link the needs of our BridgeWay families with the practical support provided by our Board of Trustees (i.e. packing, moving, yard-work, snow removal, and other menial but demanding duties).
  • Plants/Cards: In the event of sickness, loss, or hospitalization, our Care Team will send a prayer-plant and card as a tangible expression of love on behalf of our entire church family.
  • Compassion Meals: Volunteers of our care team also provide compassion meals to BridgeWay families with immediate needs. A meal is an encouraging expression of love, and serves as practical care to those who have overwhelmed with a birth, loss of a loved one, or surgery/extended illness. When these events occur, making time for meals all but disappears for those involved. (We use TakeThemAMeal.com to organize our schedule and to ensure the recipient receives their favorite foods).

As a church, we can tangibly give care to our community members journeying through these transitional seasons in a simple and yet profound way. To do this, we need on-going volunteers who are willing to commit to bringing a meal to such individuals/families in our church. If you are interested in serving on the Care Team, please contact Robin Gann.