The goal of the Information Technology (IT) Ministry at BCC is to offer effective, efficient, and expedited technical support to the BCC staff and the various ministries of the church. Moreover, through trained and/or credentialed engineers (recruited from within the congregation), the IT Ministry oversees all audio-visual logistics pertinent to the Sunday morning service.


A senior software engineer, Garrett holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering Technology from the University of New Hampshire. He currently works as a Software Engineer in Manchester and serves at BCC as an IT technician and audio-visual specialist on Sunday mornings.


A 20-year veteran at Microsoft, Ron is a self-taught web developer and graphic artist. As a webmaster, he created the church website and currently oversees its content and functionality. As a graphic artist, he designs all BCC promotional material, to include BCC branding, logo, and book/CD art.


In addition to ensuring that all computer hardware and software is maintained and fully functional, the IT team bolsters the worship experience through technical solutions. In addition, they oversee the church website, guaranteeing a polished online presence.

If you have a competent understanding of hardware and software programs, or a working knowledge of either computer programming, networking, web design, or app development, we invite you to prayerfully consider joining our IT team. Put your talent and skill which God gave you to work in this vital ministry.